5 Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain

Pain in joints occurs due to different reasons, ranging from arthritis to bursitis and from injury to diseases. Joint pain is also caused by diseases such as mumps, hepatitis, and flu. There are six different types of moveable joints in your body, thus these are the pain points as well. Irrespective of the cause or the location of joint pain, the pain affects your ability to perform daily.

OTC or other medications do help to relieve joint pain, but these bring other side effects as they mix with other medications you take. The good thing is there are several natural herbs that effectively cure joint pain without causing any side effects on your body. It is worth mentioning that the foremost route of healing that you should offer to your body is through diet and exercise. A healthy diet is key in overcoming joint pain.

The driver of joint pain is usually inflammation witch is a process that can be both, harmful and helpful for your body. It is a response of your body to infections or any injury. It isolates the damaged part of the body from other healthy areas to keep them safe. Inflammation is a key constituent of healing.

However, chronic inflammation is linked to almost every disease known. If ignored, inflammation creates more problems than it solves, including joint pain.
Discussed below are five herbs that are mostly used to soothe painful joints. The following herbs are also known to reduce inflammation and swelling, hence relieving suffering.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an essential ingredient of most houses, probably for skincare or as a beauty product. It is very effective in treating sunburns and also for treating minor skin abrasions. But aloe Vera can do much more than only making you beautiful! It composes of more than 75 potentially active components, such as aloin and emodin, which act as analgesics to relieve pain in joints. Aloe vera also contains many powerful and effective anti-inflammatory elements.

There are many ways of using aloe vera to heal your joint pain in a natural way. The first simple method is massaging aloe vera onto the painful parts of your body. But make sure if you are not using natural aloe vera from your garden and are getting it from the market then go for aloe vera gel that has been certified by the International Aloe Science Council.

The second common method is taking an aloe vera supplement orally in the form of a capsule. Taking a capsule is quick and easy to have aloe vera. Another method is having aloe vera in liquid form, you can have pure aloe vera juice that has a mild flavor and mixes with or in the form of smoothies or shakes.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that people who are diabetic and take diabetes medications, stimulant laxatives, or diuretic medications should ask their doctors before ingesting aloe vera.


Eucalyptus is a major ingredient added to many products you use in daily routine, whether it is related to body pain or be it related specifically to joint pain. Eucalyptus is a long-familiar topical analgesic that is placed into all kinds of creams and ointments made for releasing joint pain.

It has a very hard odour of menthol that we associate with pain relief treatments. Researches have indicated that even smelling eucalyptus in the form of essential oil can relieve discomfort.

The leaves of the eucalyptus plant composed of tannins, a major ingredient that is thought to reduce swelling around joints and the pain of inflammation. But before using Eucalyptus, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to it if you have never used eucalyptus before.

What you need to do is simply applying a small amount of it on your forearm or leg and watch for any negative reaction, such as a rash or hives. If no negative effect appears within 24 to 48 hours, you can go for applying eucalyptus to your painful joints and get relieved.


For long till date, mostly in traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is used to increase blood circulation in your body, which has a beneficial effect on healing in inflamed areas. Ginger is also thought to recover blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol, shield against heart sickness, support brain function, and even decrease the risk of developing cancer.

Ginger contains two active chemical components, namely, gingerol and shogaol that blocks the roads of inflammation from entering your body. Studies have proved that osteoarthritis can be reduced by taking ginger. Ginger can be used in different forms such as fresh, dried, powdered, or in oil form.

One of the best ways to take ginger for healing benefits is by boiling a fresh piece of ginger root, approximately 1-2 inches, and consuming it as a tea.

4.Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest and most popular beverages around the world and people consume this healthy drink for a lot of reasons. From improving brain functioning to boosting fat burning, green tea works to improve your health in the best possible way.

It also possesses a strong anti-inflammatory characteristic. Studies have shown that green tea has major benefits on people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Researches have proven that the polyphenols substance found in green tea can help relieve inflammation and slow down cartilage destruction.

Many people simply brew and enjoy green tea as it is. But you can also have it in the form of a tablet or tincture. A green tea concentrate also lets you add green tea flavor to all sorts of foods.


Turmeric is an orangey-yellow colored powder, a spice that is used for cooking and making curries. Turmeric has been used in folk medicine for a very long time for treating several diseases. Scientists have proven that the active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Clinical trials have also shown that turmeric also helps to speed up the healing and recovery of damaged tissues. Patients have reported significant pain relief with the use of turmeric as a healer.


Eating a healthier diet, avoiding foods that increase inflammation and arthritis joint pain, doing enough exercise to help keep your body in optimal shape, and to help alleviate symptoms, and having a herb that is suited for you and your symptoms, can give your body the best possible healing journey ever.