5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

We all know that a good night’s sleep is crucial for our health and energy. We have to sleep well to perform well next day whether in school or at work. However, our sleeping position also matters.

If you prefer sleeping in a star  or face down on your pillow, then you might want to keep reading. There is a much better position that will help you rest smarter and healthier!

Scroll down to see 5 reasons why sleeping on left side is the best way to get good sleep, you’ll be really shocked about the last one.


Gives Your Heart a Break

By sleeping on your left side, you let gravity help the heart move blood in a more easy and  simpler way. It sounds easy and simple thing, but when you are sleeping on your left side, you let gravity make it easier for the heart to move the blood.

Your aorta carries blood from the heart to all other organs, and it arches to the left side as it begins its route. When you lay on your lift side that it is pointed down, the heart has less effort to make to get the blood moving.


Relieves Back Pain

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Who among us hasn’t woken up tweaked a little bit because we slept in some random position and caused a strain in the neck or back?  If you’re waking up some times sore, sleeping on your left side will help you out.

For starters, left sided sleeping can relieve stress on the spine. The more pressure  putted on your back when you sleep, the more efforts your muscles require for keeping everything where it should be. Going a little bit deeper, when you sleep on the left you improve your blood circulation. That has a cascading effect that can reduce the inflammations correlated with strained muscles.


Critical for Pregnant Women

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The heart of pregnant women is circulating blood for two bodies, and that is a hard job that require a greater blood volume to accomplish. Meanwhile, the growing infant can expand the uterus and puts pressure on some organs especially on the spine.

Lying on the left side will keep blood circulation flowing easily and freely and will take the pressure of the baby off of mother’s spine, plus  it will protect the liver from being squeezed way too much. Overall, lying on left side will  provide a good blood flow for both bodies.


Prevents Snoring

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In case your spouse snores, or if you are the one snoring and it is not the most pleasant thing for your spouse left-sided sleeping can make all the differences in your mutual happiness.  it does keep your tongue and throat in a  neutral position and can leave the airways clear.


Less Heartburn

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Heartburn  can be one of the side effects of eating before bed, as a prone position can allow the fact that stomach acid creep up your esophagus.

Scientists have found that sleeping on left side can actually minimize heartburn while sleeping on the right actually cause it to flare up.