5 Ways to Refuel Your Energy Every Day

Human beings aren’t meant to work like computers at high speeds, continuously, for extended periods of time. We are designed to be rhythmic, and to renew intermittently. Implementing some daily habits and knowing what/how to eat for energy is important. You don’t need to turn to  caffeine or sugar to increase your energy levels, the food you eat can do just that for you. Here are the 5 strategies we’ve found work best:

1. Make sufficient sleep your highest priority

Many of us buy into the myth that 1 hour less of sleep allows us to be more productive. In fact, even small amounts of sleep deprivation significantly undermine the capacity for focus, creativity and analytic thinking.

The research is clear: more than 95 per cent of us require seven to eight hours of sleep to be fully rested, and for our brains to embed new learning. Great high performers, ranging from musicians to athletes, often get even pretty much  more than 8 hours.

Two simple strategies will help. The first is to set a specific bedtime and to begin winding down at least 30 to 45 minutes earlier , avoiding stimulating activities like answering email and social media instead do more relaxing ones like taking a warm bath, or reading a book.

The second is to spend a few minutes to review what’s in your mind before you go to sleep, and then write down anything that’s bothering or worrying you. What you’re doing is effectively letting go and parking these concerns so that they don’t end up keeping you awake and away from falling asleep.

2. Take a renewal break  every ninety minutes

It’s not how long you work that determines the value you produce, but rather the focus and the energy you bring to whatever hours you work. Likewise, it’s not how long you take off that matters but how skillfully you renew.

The  key is to intermittently quiet your physiology. You can dramatically lower your your blood pressure  heart rate and your muscle tension in as little as 30 to 60 second seconds with regular practice.

3. Eggs

Eggs are a super food that’s loaded with proteins vitamins and minerals to help boost your energy and immunity.

For several years, scientists believed that eggs were the not good and limited our daily intake.

The reason is that eggs are increasing cholesterol levels and heart disease. But recent studies have refuted these claim, and eggs are now an crucial part of our everyday diet.

If you have an active lifestyle, eating high quality proteins from eggs will increase your energy and strength.

Most importantly, eggs will keep you feeling full for a much longer period of time because it won’t cause a spike in your insulin levels and blood sugar.

Eggs contain B2 (riboflavin),  Vitamins B1 (thiamine), B6 (folic acid), and B12. This makes it very essential for an active energetic lifestyle because this group of B Vitamins are helpful for people with chronic fatigue.

4. Walnuts

This salty snack is  a great way to stay energized. It is good for your brain health and is packed with nutrients that we don’t get regularly in our diet as much.

Walnuts are  high on omega 3, making them a fantastic way to boost our energy. A handful will cover up to 90% of your daily recommended intake.

5. Spinach

Spinach is popular for its good qualities. It has an incredible ability to restore energy and increase vitality because it is very rich in iron. As we all know, iron plays a critical role in energy production and DNA synthesis.

So don’t  be afraid of  increasing your spinach portions. It is high water and will reduce in its size when cooked, so be generous to your body needs.


When you’ want to keep your energy levels up, remember to eat right and time your meals correctly.

Never skip a meal because if you go 5-6 hours without food, your body will run out of source of energy. Once hunger gets in, your energy levels will deplete fast.