6 Evidence-Based Ways to Reduce Feeling Anxious Before Going to The Gym

If you’re brand new to the gym or are returning after a break it can be an intimidating environment. There’s even a word to describe the sensation of fear or anxiety that a lot of people experience when thinking about goingto the gym. It’s called “gymtimidation”.

A study found that as much as half Americans felt “gymtimidation”, while another UK study found that one of four women felt it.

There are a variety of reasons individuals might be afraid of joining a fitness center – for example, fears of being judged by peers or being afraid that they may not be able to perform certain exercises in a safe manner, and being worried about their performance compared to others who go to the gym.

At the core one of the primary reasons why people be experiencing “gymtimidation” is because many think of the gym as an intimidating or unfamiliar place. This is due to the fact that they are unsure of the things they might encounter there or that they may not be aware of what’s happening there.

However, just because you’re in an unfamiliar situation does not mean that there aren’t handful of easy actions you can take to conquer your fears The main thing is about the process of eliminating this anxiety.

Eliminating uncertainty

People like the predictability of things – to the point that uncertainty can be linked to feelings like anxiety and fear. If we are able to be taught to reduce the anxiety and fear, and force ourselves to be in unpredictable environments more frequently to make ourselves more able to handle the challenges.

Another reason why people might be anxious about going to an exercise facility for the first-time is that they are not confident in themselves. Self-efficacy refers to our belief of our capabilities and capabilities, as well as whether we believe that we are able to achieve success in a certain scenario. It plays a significant role in virtually every aspect of our lives, since it is the primary factor that drives us to be motivated.

If we aren’t sure we’ll be able to accomplish something is a sign that we are less inclined for it initially. This is why a lot of people are afraid to go to the fitness center.

There are a variety of ways to deal with these feelings , even before your first workout:

  1. Maintain your exercise routine basic to begin with. create exercises you can easily master and you will love. It might be worthwhile having some different workouts or moves you could switch out if you are in a gym that is busy or the machine is being used.
  2. Find the gym and equipment to get familiar with the layout and type of equipment you may come across. Finding online sources or videos that explain how equipment functions can be a great way to ease any anxiety you may feel and prepare you for the challenges you will encounter during your first exercise. A one-on-one session with a member of staff or personal coach for the first day of your training could aid.
  3. You can find a routine for training on the internet or talk to your personal trainer to prepare your workouts ahead of time. This not only helps you determine which equipment or areas of the gym you’ll require during your visit, but it might provide you with a opportunity to test your routine before you arrive.
  4. You might want to consider attending a beginner’s workout class. Being around other people similarly situated to you can assist you in feeling more confident and less stressed – and it could be beneficial to your mental health.
  5. Try to attend in quiet times initially. This will help you build confidence and become familiar with the gym. Additionally, you could feel less anxious when there are less people in the gym.
  6. Accept and prepare for nervousness and anxiety. It’s an inevitable aspect of trying something new and everyone experiences it even those who have attended for long periods. One method to reduce anxiety is to practice mindfulness, a kind of meditation which focuses on being at the present moment, and whatever thoughts or feelings that you might be experiencing. This will help you overcome any anxiety you’re experiencing.

Be prepared prior to going to the gym can allow you to leave with an euphoria and achievement. At the end of the day this will allow you connect positive instead of negative – emotions to the exercise. This means that you’re more likely to stay with the commitment to go there.