7 Japanese Anti-Aging Secrets to Look 10 Years Younger

The process of aging is  a double edged sword. On the positive side, we experience personal and spiritual  growth every year that improves quality of life. As we say with age comes wisdom. Unfortunately, age also brings skin spots, wrinkles,  and gray hair. Even the risk of skin cancer increases as we age.

Billions of dollars are invested into this problem every year, with American consumers dropping a high percentage of their money on potions and creams that are “guaranteed” to reverse or turn back the clock. But there may be an easier way.

Japanese women in particular have a reputation for such a glowing skin that makes it difficult to guess their age. The reason is their natural skincare routine.

Stick with us to learn all the secrets Japanese women know to reverse the the clock and look younger.

You’ll be surprised by number 5 , it is something you probably do regularly but not to your skin!

1. Eat Seaweed

Seaweed is a huge part of the Japanese diet, because it contains a lot of benefits for skin. it is high on vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, vitamin K, calcium and iron , that make it a particularly effective whene added to a balanced diet.

Regular seaweed consumption protect skin from sun damage like age spots. It also contains certain anti-inflammatory elements that can reduce swelling and redness. Its iodine content further rejuvenates the skin and helps to regulate the metabolism process.

2. Drink Green Tea

Skin care is not all about the products you slather on your face. A lot has to do with daily diet. Green tea is a soothing beverage witch is great for your body in many ways. It can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.

But when it comes to facial care, green tea can protect skin from damaging UV rays and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines. A daily cup of green tea can also help you shed a few extra pounds, which gonna help  your youthful appearance.

3.Get Face Massages

Regular massages are great for the body as they contribute to the stimulation of circulation and can help loosen tight muscles. But while a lot of us know when we need to get a massage for our shoulders, it may never occur to us to get a massage for our faces. That’s crazy, especially because you dont need to go to a professional to get it done.

Instead, invest in a good face massager, that can be purchased at a beauty supply store or online stores. Choose one that fits the contours of your face pretty nicely and use it every day while watching tv or reading. It feels good and you won’t be bored.

The circulation  when increased will refresh your appearance and impart a healthy glow. Because the face has over 35 muscles that can cause wrinkles when tense, face massage also reduces signs of aging. And finally, facial massage helps also to relieve the stress and tension that can give you an aged appearance.

4. Use the Gentlest Cleansers

Women in Japan put their faith in products that are as  natural as possible. Products with many chemicals are harsh and damaging your skin, as is our tendency to over-wash our faces. We get obsessed with removing all traces of oils, but skin needs that oil to stay hydrated and healthy.

Rather than washing many times a day with a harsh cleanser, choose a product with natural ingredients. Wash only once every day, at bedtime.

5. Skip the Toner

Using toner sucks oil from deep within your skin pores. This can be helpful if you struggle with acne, but is more likely to dry  than necessary in other cases. Dry skins looks old.

Instead, try to use a softener,  you can simply pat a small amount of softener into your skin for a smooth, soft face that plumps just quit enough to fill in lines and wrinkles. Wait until it has fully absorbed and then follow up with a pretty light moisturizer.

6. Don’t Forget Collagen

Collagen is the connective tissue that keeps skin taut and firm. Japanese women use a lot of collagen rich products including creams and masks in their skin care routines. Collagen is also prevalent in foods like spirulina and bone broth that make up a large part of the Japanese skin care diet.

Chances are usually high that your body needs more collagen than it currently has. Sun exposure, smoking,  and poor diet contribute to depleting collagen supply. As we get older, we need to put more energy/efforts into getting enough. Make sure that your skin care products contain a little bit and definitely add more to your daily skin care diet.

7. Do Regular Skin Fasts

While proper skin care does require some products, it is also very important to just give your face a break sometimes. Too many products have some effects of suffocating your skin’s pores and affects negatively its elasticity. Whenever possible, take some time to let you skin breathe.

This means skipping makeup and using no products just gentle cleanser. Fast for up to a day, once a week or so to allow your skin to use its own natural defense mechanisms. When you’re going to use products next time, start with a skin softener to replenish any lost moisture.


Japanese women look young for most of their lives, and part of that is their genetics. But they also know and use skin care secrets that aren’t common knowledge. One of the most important elements of skin care to keep you looking young is diet ;  build in more collagen and seaweed to see an improvement. And when it comes to products, more is not any better.

Focus on just a few products that are as  natural as possible. Follow the Japanese skin care daily habbits to look as great.