7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Garlic Every Day

Devils, werewolves and vampires are careful! We present seven shocking, interesting and wonderful facts about garlic – the only substance that makes your life miserable. However, if you are only human, garlic can only make you a super (healthy) plant.

Any culture that had access to garlic has recognized the superpowers hidden in the humble trench.

Indeed, cultures that have had no historical contact use garlic for almost exactly the same medicinal and preparation purposes.

Read on to find out the miraculous healing powers of garlic. You will be amazed by the healing powers and as a side effect avoid undead attacks!

1. Garlic built the pyramids

The ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks gave garlic to Olympic athletes, Workers, Soldiers and Sailors. It was adopted to improve performance (especially for men) and increase work capacity.

Modern science looks at this. Garlic has been shown to improve training performance in rodents. Sports performance studies have been mixed, but garlic appears to improve fatigue caused by exercise.

The most significant positive effects were observed in people with heart disease. A six-week treatment with garlic oil lowered the maximum heart rate and increased the training capacity.

2. Garlic is fighting for you!

Show viruses, bacteria and parasites that don’t like garlic! Garlic can help you fight or reduce the number of colds by 63%. Garlic also shortens the duration of a cold from seven days to a day and a half.

The ancient use of garlic includes the treatment of parasites and lung diseases. The reason why garlic works is unknown, but garlic is rich in nutrients that can boost your immune system. If you have a cold, you can add garlic to your diet.

3. Garlic hates heavy metals

Heavy metal is not music, but reality. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury damage the organs and the brain and can even lead to death. If you work with heavy metals or live in an old house, you should add garlic to your diet. Make sure you don’t add too much to a child’s diet – talk to your pediatrician.

Car battery workers reduced lead levels by 19% and reduced side effects such as headaches. It was so effective that it violated the usual drug treatment.

4. Garlic strengthens the fat

Maybe vampires are looking for cholesterol, not blood! Garlic has been shown to affect blood fat. If you have cholesterol problems, try garlic. Regular garlic supplements can lower total cholesterol and LDL (the very bad things) by 10 to 15%. Unfortunately, this has no effect on increasing “good” HDL or reducing triglycerides.

5. Garlic tames an angry heart

If you’re worried about heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, garlic is your new best friend. Garlic lowers blood pressure as effectively as prescription medication. You need about 4 cloves a day, so it’s a large dose. Collect up to this amount, otherwise you could get an upset stomach.

The effectiveness of garlic is the same whether you use raw garlic, a powdered supplement, or an aged supplement. The main advantage of aged garlic is that you don’t breathe or sweat the garlic.

6. Garlic stops dementia

Dementia like Alzheimer’s disease is caused by free radicals and their oxidative effects. Garlic is high on antioxidants it eliminates free radicals. The combination of antioxidant properties with “arterial cleansing” and lower blood pressure reduces the risk of common brain disorders, including dementia.

Antioxidants have additional health properties by limiting cell damage and even slowing or stopping cancer. You can’t go wrong by adding garlic to your diet. Again, it doesn’t matter whether it’s raw, trained, or aged.

7.Garlic – Too Much of a Good Thing?

WebMD is known for its extreme caution. And they have warnings about using garlic. If you are concerned about these conditions, talk to your doctor. Garlic is known to lower blood sugar. If you are having diabetic, taking garlic can lower your blood sugar too much.

If you have low blood pressure, garlic’s blood pressure lowing effects can maybe lower your BP too much. There is also a possibility of actually bleeding, especially during surgeries. So if you regularly take garlic, you may wanna stop about 2 weeks before scheduled surgeries.