7 Serious Reasons To Stop Eating Sugar

Refined sugar was nonexistent in the human mealS until recent times.

Today, the over-consumption of sugar is the main cause of the american obesity epidemic. While the USDA recommends only about 8 teaspoons (32 grams) of added sugar daily, the average american eats approximately 50 teaspoons about (212 grams).

So, why should we quit eating sugar?

Check out the 10 most important reasons to quit eating sugar and start welcoming healthier food alternatives into your diet:

1. It Can Weaken Your Immune System

Sugar actually weakens your immune system, and help reduce your body’s capability to fight off infections. This will likely leave you at higher risk of common infections.because too much sugar curbs the white blood cells within your immune system that help fight off bacteria and infections. Leaving your body weak and with a harder job to get rid itself off bad bacteria. Which then heavily increases the chances of you catching a common infections.

2. Sugar Contributes to Fatigue

Consuming more sugar will give you a sudden boost of energy. That’s exactly why we should not give cans of cola and lemonade to little kids.

However, drink too much of the this stuff and your body will get used to it. You’ll experience some crashes from the end of a sugar–high. Your brain will become used to the high sugar quantities for energy, and when you forget to feed it with the sugar, you’ll feel it.

This is quit similar to the way coffee works if you start drinking too much coffee. A small amount will give you an energy boost, but too much of it can may make the opposite effect.

3. Sugar is Empty Calories


Consuming sugar doesn’t add to your essential minerals or vitamins intake, making it a very useless substance to consume. There is no real benefits in this sense from eating sugar regularly.

Much like alcohol, it is just an empty calories that you’re consuming, when you think about the sugar itself of course. There is sugar in all of foods, so it’s unfair to say that all foods containing sugar are just empty calories. But a lot of foods containing sugar are actually very healthy for you in some  other aspects; fruits for the most part.

4. Sugar Raises Your Risk of Disease

As we all know, a sugar heavy diet often leads to more weight gain, which in turn can lead to some diseases, including heart diseases. However, even if you don’t become overweight from eating too much sugar, you can still be at risks of these diseases.

Consumption of sugar   increase blood pressure, and it can also force your liver to pump more harmful fats into the bloodstream. These 2 things are a recipe for diseases.

5. It Weakens Your Eyesight

Another reason to quit eating sugar, is that it could  damage your eyesight. High blood sugar can cause the lens of your eyes to swell, which will change your ability to see properly.

It could just be a temporary issue caused by high consumption of sugar within a small period of time. Getting your blood sugar levels back down  will fix the issue, but it is still a big concernyet.

Quitting sugar will make you avoid this kind of problems completely.

6. It Rots Your Teeth

The sugar you consume will become acidic bacteria inside your mouth, which begins to dissolve and be harmful to your teeth. Over the years, a high sugar consumption can cause more of this bacteria to get stuck inside your mouth, and increase the rate of tooth decay.

Avoiding foods high in sugar, such as sweets and fizzy drinks, will keep your teeth and gums protected from this bacteria.

7. Sugar Can Cause Arthritis

Studies shows that when people who suffer from arthritis eat sugar, their condition tends to be worst.

The condition of arthritis can affect your joints, more specifically the joints in your fingers, and your capability to move them properly. We often recommend trying green tea to help combat joint pains and arthritis.