Foods That Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a a bone issue in which the bones are more likely to be brittle and porous. This can lead to an increased amount of risk to have  fractures that take a long time to recover and heal and leaves the body vulnerable to systemic infections. As we got age, it’s important to  focus on maintaining the bone density  to avoid osteoporosis in the first place.

The good news is that there is a lot of food that have huge preventative from osteoporosis . When it comes to maintaining the bone heath, we usually think about  vitamin D and calcium as the ultimate contributors. But it’s also good to get more of vitamin K,   vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. All of these nutrients work together to helps  keeping your body’s structural foundation strong.

Stick with us we gonna  learn about   7 super foods that are very good for preventing osteoporosis naturally.

1. Dark greens

You can get an a lot  of calcium from  many other foods besides milk and cheese. It is actually found in with high levels of concentration in many different vegetables. A few examples are  turnip greens, kale, Chinese cabbage, collard greens, and bok choy.

These greens offer a good dose of vitamin K, which works along side with calcium to boost bones density. You can get even more vitamin K in asparagus, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.


2. Citrus fruit

Bones health is more than just their density, and that’s where the importance of vitamin C shows up. Vitamin C It is critical for the development of a substance called collagen, the fibrous tissues upon which  the process of bone mineralization grows. Getting more doses of  vitamin C can also helps keeping your joints in a good health and lower the amount of risk of the painful injuries related to osteoporosis.

Citrus fruit is one of the  greatest sources of vitamin C, as just one orange or grapefruit give you  a full-day’s dose.

Unfortunately for women, some studies  shows  that vitamin C supplementation is more likely to be effective in preserving bone density in men. Still, it doesn’t hurt  to get more vitamin C for either gender, especially because it is good for preserving smooth skin.

3. Fish

A lot of varieties of fish, especially tuna and mackerel, are healthy because they are a source of   vitamin D . It also contains a great amount of omega-3 fatty acids, and all those are good for joint support and overall cardio-vascular health.

The best choice for bone health might be salomon. Because it has a lot of potassium, but the canned version also got the calcium because soft, small bones are inside packaged with the meat. Sardines as well have calcium for the same reasons.

4. Potatoes

We usually don’t think about it as much, but potassium and magnesium are both crucial nutrients when it comes to bones density. Magnesium is good for maintaining your body’s balance of vitamin D, while potassium play a role in neutralizing the acids that can leach out calcium of your bones.

So, magnesium and potassium are making sure that the calcium and vitamin D in your body to prevent osteoporosis. Get a lot of both of these protective nutrients from specially sweet and white potatoes. We recommend to bake or boil them to keep the health value and not lose it when they’re burned, fried in oil.

5. Molasses

The refined white sugar in not that healthy because studies have shown that it weakens the bones as well as factors into the risk of cancer, diabetes,  and heart disease. So as substitute you can use a Molasses.

Molasses is an excellent natural sweetener that contains bone-supporting calcium. Try reducing your white sugar intake and substitute it by molasses in recipes.

6. Almonds

All kinds of nuts are good snack, but almonds may be the number 1 in keeping bones healthy. Almonds have  both calcium and potassium, as well as other  nutrients like manganese, fiber,and vitamin E.

Almonds are  easy to add to the diet. The best way to use them may be to sprinkle them on  soups, salads.  All you need to get the benefits is a small handful per day.

7. Fortified foods

If you can not  get enough vitamin D and calcium via fresh, whole foods, it’s maybe a good idea to look for good packaged products that are fortified with all these nutrients. Orange juice, bread, cereal, and plant-based milks often are.

Sun exposure also triggers the syntheses  of vitamin D in the body.


It is very important to protect yourself against osteoporosis  condition because it is asymptomatic. You may not  realize that your bones have lost their density until a  fall causes a fracture that takes a much long time to heal.

Osteoporosis can weaken bones and therefore compromises the foundation of your body. The skeletal system holds every  part of your body in place and allows those systems to function properly. That’s why  bone injuries can have an effect that leaves you more vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

The best way of preserving bone density is  a diet rich in vitamin D, potassium,calcium,  and magnesium can replenish some of the loss.

We recommend that you speak with your doctor for advice on preserving bone density by the time you turn 55 – but don’t wait until that to start building in more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean sources of protein. This kind of diet is associated with good health overall, lowering your risk of many diseases besides osteoporosis.

Remember, keeping your body healthy and your bones strong   is a life job!