Relationship therapists: 11 Psychological Ways to Command Respect


Respect is the ability to demonstrate to others why you should be respected. This differs from demanding respect , where you make it clear to your friends that you should be respected. The people who are respected are the ones you want to surround yourself with.

The ability to command respect is a good thing, for example having an enthralling relationship with people who you work with or have a relationship with. Respect is essential as it helps you feel secure and helps you feel more confident in individuals. Respectful environments allow people to speak to one another without shouting. It allows you to enjoy an environment that is healthy, whether in church, school or at your home.

Respect is shown by giving yourself the freedom to make your personal decisions and you feel confident in your choices. Be sure to first respect yourself. The first step to command respect is yourself. Whatever way you treat and value yourself, there will always be those who will not treat you the same. Here are 13 strategies you can demonstrate respect.

Respect others and treat them with respect

Respect is the seed of respect. It is not possible to expect respect if you do disrespect others. If you see someone unkind, it is suggested to still show respect to them.

It doesn’t mean that you’re a slouch This is merely a sign that you are not in any way lowering yourself or going below their level. Let them know that you are worthy of respect. Whatever the individual is and whatever their status, they deserve to be valued.

Respecting all people equally is crucial in every aspect in your daily life. This is an indication that you don’t value people based on their status, but since they’re human that are worthy of respect.

Be attentive to other people’s opinions and appreciate the contribution of others. When you let people know that you appreciate their contribution, this means you’re not power hungry and are not a credit-grabbing person.

Take action

Keep track of what’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s at school or at home. It is crucial to be aware that there will always be assignments and projects that may affect the lives of others. The sudden occurrence of events that could occur could force others to change their schedules to make room for you.

The outcome could be a major influence on how other people consider your character. No one wants to cancel an appointment due to the abrupt change of the date. There are many possibilities however that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be the case, particularly when it’s a human error.

Always contact people at least a few days in advance to let them know if there are any changes to the schedule or timeframe. By doing this, they will be able to plan their schedules well.


Don’t ask people to postpone important events that are important to them, like weddings, honeymoons, or attending to family members who are sick, in order to make sure you meet the deadline. A little understanding of others can do miracles, not just in the workplace but also within an environment.

Keep your word

You must do what you say you’ll take care of. Keep your promises. People will respect the ones they can count on. If you stick to your word, it indicates that you’re reliable and reliable. You are trustworthy, reliable, and trustworthy.

There are times when it is possible to forget what you had promised. It’s normal, you can’t remember everything you have stated. Be careful not to repeat the same thing, because it could be conclusive of who you really are.

Keep track of your time. It is important to keep track of the significant events in your lives and also the things you’ve made promises to someone. Make sure you complete tasks in time and make clear what you plan to accomplish.


So it doesn’t create confusion, and you will be able to complete the task you have set out to complete promptly and focus on other obligations you have had promised to complete. If you’re unable to finish the job you’re supposed to complete ensure that you give a reason that is honest. Do not make excuses. Apart from the fact that it’s not recommended to tell that, people will begin to doubt you.

Stop chatting

It is the word that is used to define trust in the world of respect. If you are a gossiper, it is a sign that you are not worthy of being trusted with the secrets of others. It demonstrates your lack of confidence.

You shouldn’t be sharing their information. Avoid gossiping. Avoid those who talk about themselves. If the information you’re giving out could harm other people, then you should keep it to yourself.


People who gossip can harm others. It can seriously harm their reputation. If you hear about gossip about someone else don’t be a judge. Be careful not to share the gossip that you hear from other people.

If you are a gossip, people will be skeptical of the information you give out. They’ll no longer believe them, even if they believe you’re lying and you’ll lose credibility.

Don’t be nice.

If you are too nice, people will believe they are able to get you to do something. They will begin to attract people who pretend to be awed by you simply because you’re kind to them.

There isn’t any respect you’ll get when you are too nice. Instead you’ll be attracting people who will be drawn to you due to the fact that they need you. Being in constant contact with challenging people constantly can be stressful and you could develop habits to manage stress.

The most pleasant people are hard to find in this modern world. Being too nice could cause suspicion from other people. People may begin to think you are a liar.


Being too nice will not merit respect, as people may begin to steer clear of your company. Even though being kind is nice but it is best to do it in the context of need and not over the top.

Don’t be proud.

Being humble doesn’t mean bowing down to anyone else. It’s about being willing to accept. It’s about controlling our self-esteem. It doesn’t mean you don’t have self-confidence and let others profit from you.

It’s about being aware of who you are and not worrying about how others in the world views you. Being humble will give you the motivation to study.


If you’re humble, you are more open to criticism. This shows that you are aware of yourself. You know the places you’ll need to improve to become more of a person. By doing this, you begin to influence others, and you accomplish more. People will feel comfortable around them, but you’ll not feel proud. Instead you’ll be thankful and will be in a steady place.

Make time for those who appreciate you.

Give thanks to those who have respect for you. The time you spend with your loved ones lets them know that you appreciate you and that you appreciate this. If your time spent with them is precious, demonstrate that you value them not just for you, but also others.

Do not boast about the respect they show to you because they may be uncomfortable, which could make them question the respect they show to you. If you’re with them, ensure that they feel secure and safe.

They should be able to speak freely with you about their opinions or suggestions. When you interact with them, ensure that you meet them not just professionally but also on a personal level. If you show interest in people around you and they begin to be more open with them.


A happy environment will be the result of people becoming more transparent about what they expect, therefore discussions and not arguments can take place.


You are more aware of things you see around you. This is what being open-minded means. It means that you won’t be judging other people.

People are more open to your ideas knowing that you have an open mind to the opinions and suggestions of other people. There will be less stress as you maintain an open mind regarding what’s to come.


Also, you won’t be controlled. Thus, gossip will not influence your. People will appreciate you for being in a position to listen. Also, you will have a fair judgement because you’re able to consider the issues in a way that you aren’t prone to leap to conclusions.

Help other users

It allows you to connect with others quickly. This proves that you’re not worried about what others have achieved.

When we assist others, we build more bonds. And the people you assist will realize that you’re the person they can count on. Being reliable will naturally gain respect.


Being a trustworthy person helping others improve their morale and boost confidence. This also makes it easier to create positive influence to the people around you. It lets them know that, even if you’re seeking a promotion you are able to give back to others because you’re doing it to benefit the community.

Request help whenever you require it

This helps build a stronger bond. It also indicates that you’re the one who strives to be the best. Anyone you seek assistance will feel respected. This implies that you are acknowledging that you don’t have everything.

The act of showing others that your vulnerability shows you’re courageous, and that’s something people are likely to admire. The ability to ask for assistance is a rare thing, and very few people are comfortable with the idea of seeking help.

Stop apologizing

If you continue to apologize the public will begin to believe you’re not sure. This can cause annoyance and the effect of any future apology. People will stop respecting you.


In order to avoid the need to apologize constantly and apologizing constantly, become more aware of yourself. Recognize the things that you need to apologize for. If it’s a circumstance that you cannot take control over, you should not make excuses for it.

If you’re the cause of an incident occurs and you need to acknowledge the cause, then you should apologize. It is a sign of respect, since others are likely to see you as an apology for matters that matter.

Accept your errors

If the fault lies with you, then you must admit that you made a mistake. Being accountable of your behavior and accepting the consequences shows respect because it proves your integrity.

In addition, there’s no need to admit that you made a mistake Some people have already observed it. If you refuse to admit it, you forfeit your credibility.

People are not a fan of people who have no credibility or integrity. People will not follow your lead and you’ll no be able to maintain a positive relationship with anyone else.


Acknowledging your mistakes can build confidence. They perceive your self as someone who can show the world who you really are. Someone who isn’t scared to speak the truth.

Strive to do better

You are always learning. You are open-minded, dedicated and don’t like wasting time. This shows that you are in competition only with yourself and not other people.

You know that you are able to get better at what you do and to do this, you continue to work on yourself. You’re showing others what they can also accomplish.

You are respected when you work hard to do better. That means that you are determined to do better and desire to become more of a person. You want to be a better person for those you work alongside, with your loved ones members, neighbors, and many others. The behavior you display is infectious, and does not just convey confidence but also optimism.