Stay Away From These 11 Deadly Foods That Could Cause Cancer

The very statement that “everything causes cancer” has become very popular in the past few years, today, it seems like doctors associate all foods to causing cancer – it’s not easy to determine what to really stay away from.

While you  think you may be doing somethings right for your health by drinking diet sodas or low-calories popcorn, you are actually eating some of the worst cancer-causing foods out there!

It has been shown that up to 70% of cancers are preventable with the help of a proper diet. The remaining 30% is linked with genetics and environmental factors.

But the truth is that many common foods have been scientifically proved to increase cancer risk.

Given below are 11 most unhealthy, cancer causing foods that you should prohibit from your diet,#9 Completely Shocked Me!

1.Canned Products

Canned food items contain a very high level of salt and/or sugar, but this one is not the main reason to worry about. It actually is the can that holds the food.

These cans are seamed with harmful chemical BPA, which is a well-known hormone disrupter that is one of the reasons for cancer. BPA leeches into every food item that comes in contact with it, particularly the things that are naturally acidic, such as tomatoes.

2.Soda Pop


It is not something new, it is an already known fact that soda has very bad effects on your health. In sodas, sugar is an important ingredient, either in a small amount, but the issue is that sugar is also a favorite food of cancer cells, and sodas include enough sugar composition to choke a horse to death.

Soda has zero good nutritional value but takes you closer to the risk of cancer due to the artificial flavourings and harmful chemicals that are added to it. If you need an energy booster to go for a healthy and safe way, have a slightly sweetened tea or coffee, as both possess anti-cancer properties.

And if you want to have a soda , choose the safest way and make your own. To make bubbles in soda avoiding any negative effect, buy carbonated water and add a little citrus juice to bring the flavor.

3.Potato Chips


Chips have unhealthy consequences on your health as they are composed of a large amount of salt and a lot of saturated fat that hampers the digestive system of your body.

The major reason they hold a place among cancer-causing foods is that they increase the risk of cancer as they hold a chemical substance named acrylamide, a carcinogenic element that happens anytime food is prepared on a high temperature. Acrylamide is also a component of cigarettes and is the reason they are so toxic for your body.

4.Smoked And Processed Meats

Red meat itself is harmful to your health and must be restricted in its use due to the presence of the high amount of fats, but any meat that has been processed increases its intensity in harming the health of your body. Processed meats it used in different varieties such as bacon, sausage, jerky, smoked meat and barbecue.

These foods are preserved using nitrates and nitrites which leads to cancer. And another method of smoking, which is an old age technique used for preserving food, also causes cancer to grow in your body, as it makes meat to take on tar in the process. It is the dangerous part in cigarettes and just as bad in food.

5.Farmed Salmon

If you are wondering that what is left behind that you can eat, especially in terms of protein, don`t you worry as fish is still a healthier choice for you. Naturally brought up, it contains a high amount of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids that your body really needs.

But if its farmed one, they possess unhealthy effects on your health. Farmed salmon is brought up an overcrowded, high stressed life and are fed upon unnatural diet comprising of antibiotics and cancer-causing chemicals. This makes them harmful to a healthy body.

6.Microwave Popcorn

Similar to canned foods, the issue with microwave popcorn is the way it is stored or preserved using chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Most microwave bags are bordered with a product namely PFOA, which has its roots to the occurrence of cancer in pancreas, kidney, liver, bladder, and testicular. Popcorn is a healthy snack if popped using an air popper instead of the microwave.

7.White Flour

Whole grain wheat is a healthy choice, but its the processing that makes it unhealthy by stripping away its value and turning it to white flour. White flour is given its color by making use of chlorine gas on it, it’s surely something that you don`t want to have in your diet.

Along with having a nutritionally negative effect on the body, white flour also has a high glycemic index, which breaks down in the form of sugar in the body, spoiling blood glucose level and insulin levels thus making cancer cells strong enough to attack the body.

8.High Fructose Corn Syrup

It is again the sugar that makes fructose corn syrup dangerous and cancer-causing. High fructose corn syrup though comes from natural corn but the sweetness that is highly concentrated makes it one that needs to be avoided as they increase the level of sugar in the body to a high extent.

Though it does not cause cancer directly but creates such dangerous conditions in your body that are ideal for cancer growth. Abandoning packaged and processed food items are the best way to avoid high fructose corn syrup entering your body.


Consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health for lots of different reasons. Drinking alcohol to an excess makes it harmful to hamper the proper working of your liver and kidneys.

Studies have proven that consuming alcohol in large amount takes you at a greater risk of cancer, especially in mouth, esophagus, liver, colon, and rectum. It is argued that one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men is considered safe to be taken, but there is no real health benefit in drinking alcohol, so why not to avoid it.

10.Pickled Foods

Pickling is one of the major form used for processing foods by adding nitrates, nitrites, salt, and artificial coloring to the food item. As alcohol causes cancer in the parts of the body it touches directly, when consumed in large amount, similarly pickled foods cause cancer in the digestive track, especially the stomach and colon.

11.Hydrogenated Oils

Oil which is extracted from vegetables is ought to be a healthy choice, but the processing that is done makes this natural product a dangerous one. It is not possible to extract oil from vegetables naturally, so they need to undergo a chemical extraction process that makes it a cancer-causing agent.

Not only this, to make it look appealing to eyes, chemical substances are added to the oil to change colored remove the natural aroma. This is the chemical process that makes the oil hydrogenated that affects the structure of cells and flexibility, increasing the chances of cancer to develop.


The common thing in all cancer that they are all processed in one way or other and are converted from their natural form into something more appealing to sense yet much more harmful for health and a welcome note for carcinogens, cancer-causing agents.

The easiest and effective way through which you can make your diet cancer free is to avoid any processed or stored food. Instead buy whole foods and cook them at home, a way you can control the processing.